Is Mistbox the answer to lowering your energy bill?


Right now Mistbox is currently being backed on kickstarter check them out here.

Mistbox could be a big step in the right direction to help lower energy cost. If someone said you could save 30% on your electric bill per month would you buy in to it? I know I would and so have a lot of other people, According to the guys at Mistbox they have had several tests that prove Mistbox will lower your monthly bill, but how exactly does it work?


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Mistbox is a simple concept that if you cool the intake air to your AC it will boost your AC’s efficiency and in return lower your energy bill. Sure it sounds incredibly simple, but there’s a lot more that’s at work. It works by monitoring you AC and producing a fine mist to cool the intake air. So the first question would be how would you be saving money if you’re using water and power to control the system? Well with the system using a small wind turbine located at your AC’s exhaust it makes Mistbox have a constant energy source allowing it to be fully off the grid and the water system is used only when conditions are optimal again only using a fine mist. With the average cost being $1.50 per 1,000 gallons of water you’re essentially trading pennies on the dollar.

Where you live will have an impact on the system itself and how much you can save. The systems lives up to its full potential in hot dry areas, however Mistbox still will save on your energy bill regardless if you live in hot humid areas such as south Florida. The difference according to studies can range from 20% all the way to 38% in efficiency. If you have questions or want more in depth details please check out Mistbox and there Kickstarter campaign.

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