Smart shoes a new innovative product for your feet!

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Smartshoe is the world’s first intelligent footwear. It comes with a plethora of new tech and enhancements to tell you how your walking or how you should be walking. This is not another “Back to the future” shoe although it does feature an auto tightening system.

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The main aspects of the smart shoes are to monitor your movement and stride to help you essentially walk better. If you knew you were walking in some way that would eventually lead to deterioration or harm to your body would you want to know? Many people today are walking in a way that may eventually lead to a ruptured disk in your back. Most people would never know unless they have been to a specialist and usually the damage is already done. Prevention is the key here and with smart shoes you have a specialist literally at your feet.

Here are some of the basic features this shoe has to offer.

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So if you’re a health guru or just an everyday person trying to better themselves then these smart shoes has something to offer for you. The app is extremely user friendly and is easy as just downloading pairing to your shoes then you’re out the door!

See the Smartshoe now at “Kickstarter” to check out all the technical details, pledge and receive your new shoes at a 65% discount with an estimated delivery date of DEC 2017.

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